Celebrate The Generations | Washington, DC Mother Daughter Photographer

Every time mothers and daughters enter my studio, I realize I'm about participate in a moment in their family's history.   I play witness to a togetherness so special it results in portraits forever memorialized in their hearts and homes.  What takes place in the coming hours will toast to their bond as a daughter, mother, friend and women. It's a sacred sisterhood and a very exclusive club.  Hats off to the Smith family who just looked incredible and spanned over 60+ years between them.  

May we all hope to look as amazing as the matriarch Lonie in our 80s.  She was such a light.

We styled the shoot to include some casual components like jeans and cardigans. These pieces work wonderfully for Facebook, LinkedIn profiles and general head shots.  If you have a professional hair and makeup artist like Carolyn Thombs at your disposal.  It's a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.  

What a beautiful group of ladies with equally beautiful hearts.  Thank you for letting me a part of this special day.