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Smiling I flag down our waitress and order two proseccos.  I open my Macbook and fire up a video slideshow that I've prepared for you.  It will be the first time you'll set eyes on your portraits, and inside me the familiar anxiety builds.  "Will you like them?  Will you love them?" and "I hope this experience leaves you forever changed." 

We cheers {clink}


As your photographer, I'm well aware you've placed a great deal of trust in me.  I am so grateful for that.  You've surrendered to me in your most vulnerable state and just... let... go.

In my studio, you were given permission to be silly, feminine, fierce, glamorous, loud or demure. You were celebrated without question or put down. You honored yourself by choosing to have these portraits taken. You've honored the rich inheritance of beauty from your mother, her mother, and so on. You've paid tribute to your daughters and their daughters. You've reawakened an appreciation of the beauty that is unique to you, at this age, at this weight, at this very moment.  You just let go.  

You believed in your beauty, because it is your truth. 


In the video below  Peter Hurley, a portrait photographer, and Anna Rowley, a psychologist, discuss bridging the gap between how we see ourselves vs. how the world sees us and all that goes on in between.

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Professional photographer Peter Hurley and psychologist Anna Rowley have devised a simple way to overcome your fear of the camera lens.

I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to relax and look my best, and that despite your best efforts as a photographer I would ruin everything! So dramatic right? Instead, I instantly felt relaxed and excited. Not only did I look forward to how the pictures would turn out, I truly enjoyed the process and experience!
— Miss E

Miss E is not alone in her fear.  You relinquishing control is where the healing process begins. You surrender to the possibility of "being found out."  That somehow, this camera or I will reveal that you indeed are all the untrue things your mind has been telling you for years on end... "you smile funny," "you're too overweight," "you're too skinny," "you're too short," "you're too whatever..."

But instead, you see the beauty, in spite of the flaws.  And your beauty, your truth, drowns out all the noise.  Your heart begins to repair and renew and you rest easy in a place of self acceptance.   

As Peter Hurley mentions, we portrait photographers love the human face. I can attest that there IS beauty in every person.  I can see it and I know you have it.  My wish is for you to clear away the noise and find your own beauty. Then cherish, celebrate and honor it every day.

If you are interested in celebrating your beauty in a contemporary glamour or boudoir session with me.  Send me a note to chat and we can get started hello@daniellepictures.com

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