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Valentine's day and boudoir go together like peanut butter and jelly.  They are just meant for each other.  Boudoir is also meant for anniversaries, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, any given Sunday, just because... well you get the idea.

But today I'm focusing on the Top 5 Reasons You Should Give the Gift of Boudoir to your sweetheart this Valentine's Day.

5 - Men Want the Gift of Experience

There you stand ladies.  A few weeks before his birthday, Christmas, or whatever event that leads you to the hardware section of Sears, and you realize you officially have "gifter's block."  What do you get the guy who has more striped ties, Star Wars socks, and car cleaning kits than he knows what to do with?  You guessed it... boudoir.  Boudoir will most certainly be an incredible experience for you, but for him it is a truly custom gift that you and your partner can open together and revel in the beauty before you (that's you!).  It's sure to cure "gifter's block" and might spice up your love life as a side effect.  

4 - It Pairs Perfectly with Chocolates (and Lingerie)

I suggest to many of my clients that they purchase a beautiful piece of lingerie from a local boutique.  We then photograph it during their session and, along with their chocolates, clients wrap up the lingerie as the first gift for him to open on Valentine's Day.  This makes as a great teaser for the album that's lined up as the grand finale.  For great boutiques in the greater Washington, DC area check out Trosseau in Vienna, Va., Belle Mode Intimates in Fairfax Corner, or Le Bustiere in downtown Washington, DC.  All have terrific staffs ready to fit you properly and find the perfect outfits for your session.  

3 - Allows Him (and you) to Indulge in the Fantasy

Let's face it.  Between running the kiddos to the 48,548 soccer practice this week, the bottomless laundry pile, and the report you boss needed yesterday, the daily grind is the farthest from a 50 Shades fantasy you've been needing so desperately.  Enter the gift of boudoir.  Each session is tailored to you and your partner's tastes and fantasies.  Does he like sports teams?  Homerun! Let's incorporate some of his favorite colors, jerseys, cut off tees and knee high socks.  Are you typically "the girl next door," but you want to surprise him with an alter-ego?  Our talented makeup and hair team can create a glam look that will leave his jaw dropped.  Whatever fantasies you have as a couple, it's exhilarating seeing them come to life in photographs.  

2 - Turn the Tables this V-Day

Valentine's Day is traditionally a holiday when men shower us with flowers, jewelry, chocolates.  What better way to turn the tables this February 14 than to give him a custom gift that's an expression of your love for him.  So don't wait for him to get you an ill-fitting piece of lingerie.  Pick something out that you LOVE and show it off in boudoir photos. He will most certainly have trouble topping your gift next year!

1 - It's All About YOU!

Boudoir is hands down the best gift and experience for both the gift giver and the gift receiver.  You get to enjoy a day of pampering, self-love and ultimate supermodelness (look it up it's a word), while he get's to reap the benefits of this amazing day in an album designed with him in mind.  Boudoir is a powerful and transformative experience that unlocks parts of your sexual expression and sensuality that is buried by the day-to-day of motherhood, your job, and just plain life.  Valentine's Day is about love, right?  LOVE yourself this holiday and accept that you will never be younger than you are today, there is infinite beauty in your laugh lines and stretch marks, and give yourself permission to give and receive a gift that is ALL ABOUT YOU.  

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