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Hair + Makeup | Sonya Livingston

Hair + Makeup | Sonya Livingston

I had such a blast this past year with a few shoots that took me out of the studio and on the road. I grew up near Johnstown, Pa. and I had the opportunity to photograph this lovely lady at the Johnstown Bottle Works Ethnic Art Center this past spring.  We had the whole place to ourselves and even were able to utilize the rooftop toward the end of our boudoir and glamour session.  Miss M and I had a blast in her alternative boudoir outfits that perfectly complimented the industrial background.    

Let's hear what Miss M thought about her boudoir experience...

Danielle is an amazing photographer and person in general! You have no idea what doing this has given me, and I’m sure it will give me the confidence to do other things in other areas of my life I may have not felt I could or should..... A million thank you’s!
— Miss M

Not sure what to wear for your boudoir shoot.  I often tell clients that I can make a string and a shiny nickel look sexy.  It's not about what you wear, but how you wear it.  Miss M rocked this cut out tee and jeans, and then we moved onto lingerie on a covered couch.  

It’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it.

The center was expansive and we utilized a cool spot in front of large garage doors to frame and backlight Miss M.  It really mad her red hair pop and add to the contrast of the scene.  

We finished the day on the rooftop which was surprisingly warm for western Pennsylvania.  Miss M had a kick ass leather jacket with custom artwork and studs.  It looked amazing but easily weighed 5 pounds!