Danielle's Du Jour ★ Glamour Styling Inspiration Peacock Party | Washington DC Glamour and Boudoir Photographer

Are you ready to strut your stuff this New Year's?  Shake your tail feathers?  Well get to preening your plumes ladies, because I have a gorgeous DTP brand-inspired glamour mood board for you.  I promise that was my last bird pun ;) 

Featuring a rich palate of shimmery teals, deep navies and luscious golds, this collection is sure to sparkle at your next event. Teal, similar to the color coral, compliments almost every skin tone, and gold--well this new year's you should be dripping in it !  If you love a gold-themed design, check out my last Du Jour where I laid out a bubbly champagne-inspired styling perfect to bring right into the bedroom.

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Stay gorgeous my friends!