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The Holiday Treasure Box | Washington DC Boudoir Studio

We've got 30 days and some change until Christmas, and I've got just the thing to go with your extra-hot gingerbread latte.  As the weather cools down, the northern virginia studio will be heating up with our exclusive Holiday Treasure Box Collections.  Only a few sessions remain with guaranteed delivery for Christmas.

Wonder Women Unite | Washington, DC Boudoir Photographer

I've sat down to write this post several times.  Not knowing how I would approach my delivery. I wanted to make sure my message came out...

Well... right.

On the morning of your session, you'll sip champagne and relax in the makeup chair and I'll sip my coffee and tell you what I've learned from photographing women in various states of undress for over half a decade. How I've seen my fair share of pear and apple-shaped bottoms.  How I've personally witnessed perky, close-set, wide-set, bee stung to FFF-sized breasts.  I'd share with you all the false "horrors" of cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins and laugh lines.  How I've seen perfect bow-shaped lips, legs as long as Julia's in Pretty Woman, and eyes the most beautiful shade of ocean blue and emerald green.  I've photographed women who are were teased for their height, as I selfishly admired their ability to tower over me and my 5 foot 1 stature.  How I hadn't thought that saying someone was "so tall" would be hurtful.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone | DC Boudoir Studio

Most of the time I love shooting boudoir in my commercial studio.  It's is like a cozy couch, snuggled up with some junk food and endless episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  It's safe, predictable, and completely... comfortable.  

The lighting is reliable, I've usually got a soothing playlist going and I am in control baby.  I have a rhythm to the way I move about the studio with clients and it feels safe.   And at times, shooting boudoir in the same locations gets, well, remarkably boring.  I start to notice that I'm not growing technically and I'm certainly not expanding creatively.  Suddenly I'm well aware of how stale I feel, and I realize that I only have one choice to make.  Stop "Netflixing and chilling" in my studio and walk towards the unknown, the unpredictable, to challenge myself and have a chance to...