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Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone | DC Boudoir Studio

Most of the time I love shooting boudoir in my commercial studio.  It's is like a cozy couch, snuggled up with some junk food and endless episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  It's safe, predictable, and completely... comfortable.  

The lighting is reliable, I've usually got a soothing playlist going and I am in control baby.  I have a rhythm to the way I move about the studio with clients and it feels safe.   And at times, shooting boudoir in the same locations gets, well, remarkably boring.  I start to notice that I'm not growing technically and I'm certainly not expanding creatively.  Suddenly I'm well aware of how stale I feel, and I realize that I only have one choice to make.  Stop "Netflixing and chilling" in my studio and walk towards the unknown, the unpredictable, to challenge myself and have a chance to...


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