Just the FAQs: Part One | Washington DC Boudoir Photographer

As client emails come rollin' into my email inbox, so do a variety of questions that are not only common, but answers to these questions help to demystify the scary prospect of being photographed in your underwear (or in nothing at all!)

So I thought I would pull together a 3-Part Series on my most frequently asked questions and I'll give you the "hand on the Bible" truth about what REALLY happens in the studio with me.  If you don't see a question that you wanted me to ask, please leave a message in the comments, and I'll do my best to incorporate it in a future part of the series or I'll answer you directly.  Easy peasy.

Ok let's jump in... 

[Q.] The women in your photos always look so relaxed and natural.  I'd be so nervous, how do you get them to look like that?

[A.] Well the champagne we have for you doesn't hurt!  That being said, your comfort level with me starts well before you show up to the studio and have your champagne flute in hand.  Before every session, you fill out a quick survey that helps me understand what you're trying to achieve with a boudoir session and then we'll schedule our video consultation.  I always tell clients that this first "meeting" is probably the most important piece of communication that gets you boudoir images from just O.K to... Holy sh*t is that me?!  Boudoir photography is built on trust.  The more comfortable you are with me, the more you'll be able to "let go" when we are in the session and just have a freakin' amazing time.  And you will! 1000% guaranteed.  I always try to get your body posed correctly, literally down to your fingertips, and then I coach for expressions.  I use different breathing techniques, emotional cues, and general silliness to help you focus on the "mood" of the shoot without it ever being creepy or awkward.  I feel like I have been entrusted with something very important to you — your self-worth.  I never take it for granted and I'm committed to empowering you.

[Q.] I don't know how to pose, should I bring poses on a Pinterest Board?

[A.] I NEVER expect clients to walk into my studio with any amount of posing knowledge or practice.  None of the women you see on this site are professional models.  If you're on the hunt for a photographer, you should know if they use models or women without posing training like you.  The images you see on my site are women with desk jobs, they're cops, chefs, moms, dog-moms, and all kinds of girls-next-door.  Of course, you are welcome to practice your "sexy blue steel" in the mirror prior to rolling up to the studio, but it is not necessary or would I want you to stress about it.  According to my last audit, I have a mental rolodex of 4,684,982,981 poses up in this noggin.  Clients sometimes make suggestions of poses that they see on Pinterest and I will happily recreate them with a twist that represents my style.  When I'm reviewing the images that you Pin, I'm looking for a certain mood to the photos, or a theme. That way I can tailor your session and make it truly custom.  


[Q.] I'm a plus-sized gal and I'm not sure if boudoir is for me?

[A.] Boudoir photography is for EVERYONE and if you have "Dangerous Curves Ahead," shouldn't prevent you from this empowering and uplifting experience. In fact, it DEMANDS that you walk towards it and face your fears. PSA... I am a curvy woman as well.  I've been curvy for most of my adult life and I connect with your fears.  However, my favorite part of your boudoir experience is tearing those fears up and lighting them on fire when you see your final images. I don't want you to be happy.  I want you to be blown away.

[Q.] I'm not sure if I want to go fully nude in images.  What are my options?

[A.] First and foremost, I want you to look sensual, sexy and classy, it doesn't mean we won't dip our toe into more risque poses.  I'm not a photographer for Playboy or Penthouse and I don't shoot erotica, but I absolutely use shadow and light to shape an image and make the viewer want to see more, or what might be in the next frame.  We will go over your level of nudity in our video consultation.  However, clients often feel more bold in a session and you might ask to try a topless shot, or a "pleasure pose."  I will never pressure you into doing something you don't want to do, and I'll always keep those lines of communication open.  Keep in mind too that you're images will always remain private until you sign a release.  I'll discuss more about that fun stuff in a future blog post.

Stay tuned for Part Two of Just the FAQs where we'll cover how to prepare for a session, where/when I shoot, who is in the room during a session and much more...