Wonder Women Unite | Washington, DC Boudoir Photographer

I've sat down to write this post several times.  Not knowing how I would approach my delivery. I wanted to make sure my message came out...

Well... right.

On the morning of your session, you'll sip champagne and relax in the makeup chair and I'll sip my coffee and tell you what I've learned from photographing women in various states of undress for over half a decade. How I've seen my fair share of pear and apple-shaped bottoms.  How I've personally witnessed perky, close-set, wide-set, bee stung to FFF-sized breasts.  I'd share with you all the false "horrors" of cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins and laugh lines.  How I've seen perfect bow-shaped lips, legs as long as Julia's in Pretty Woman, and eyes the most beautiful shade of ocean blue and emerald green.  I've photographed women who are were teased for their height, as I selfishly admired their ability to tower over me and my 5 foot 1 stature.  How I hadn't thought that saying someone was "so tall" would be hurtful.

I'd tell you I'd photographed a woman who fit a conventional standard of beauty, but wasn't able to muster one nice thing to say about herself. On the flip side, photograph a woman who had curves, owned every. last. inch. of her body and made EVEN ME stand up a bit taller with her infectious confidence. 

What you WON'T HEAR ME SAY is that any part of these women was even close to being... 


Not one toenail, not one eyelash.  There's a magic here... in our differences. 

What you WON’T HEAR ME SAY is that any part of these women was even close to being...


Not one toenail, not one eyelash. There’s a magic here... in our differences.

Fast forward to my session with Miss A.  Miss A is a little person.  I wasn't even sure that I wanted to call it out, but I feel strongly about acknowledging and celebrating our differences, not pretending they don't exist.  I've always disliked when I'd hear people say, "I'm color blind, I don't see race."  It's just not true, we can acknowledge the difference, without attaching negativity to it.  Again... magic here in the bliss of diversity.  

When Miss A called me to inquire about a session she expressed all the same fears that most clients do.   Similarities that unite a lot of women seeking boudoir as a vehicle for empowerment.  "What would she wear?"  "Could she do it?"  "Would I help her with her 'sexy' face?"  All questions I felt confident in answering and all around direction that resulted in boudoir photos on the level of this badassery.

Did I mention she brought a Wonder Woman Shirt.  Yaassssssss!

The rainbow of bodies that have passed through my studio have taught me the power of difference.  It's our uniqueness, perhaps what we've been running away from all of our lives, that's the true key to accepting ourselves at the highest level.

It’s our uniqueness, perhaps what we’ve been running away from all of our lives, that’s the true key to accepting ourselves at the highest level.

So raise your champagne glasses, Wonder Women of the world. Take a long hard look in the mirror and admire what makes you rare and oh so worthy.  

xo, Danielle