Miss A Shows Off Her Beautiful Baby Bump | Washington DC Maternity Boudoir Photographer

It's not a secret that I really admire strong women.  My entire photography brand is built around the confidence, strength, and empowerment of we lady-folk.  So when a pregnant Miss A asked if she could sling her 30 pound kettle bell in my studio, I didn't bat a pretty little eyelash.

Miss A wanted a perfect balance of maternity images which would reflect her personality and style. As we fleshed out those elements in her pre-session consultation, I quizzed her with simple (but "aha moment") questions like, "What colors do you wear when you receive the most compliments from others?" or "Where do you typically shop?"  Both provide me with a baseline for the styling of her session as well the way I transform and edit and image after the shoot. 

She looked radiant in this salmon pink bra and boy short combination.  The flexibility of the underwear gave plenty of room for her maternity shape, all while accenting her in all the right places.

A white sheer blanket provides a soft and sultry silhouette. 

This is a great image that would translate beautifully for wall art in the home.

I absolutely adore photographing maternity boudoir.  The time women spend pregnant is very brief in the scheme of their whole life.  When greeted with the honor of capturing this priceless time in a woman's life, I jump at the chance.  

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