friday quickie | Chantilly, Va Portrait Photographer

Happy Friday!  Just a quick note about two iPhone apps that I found and love.  I like to switch up my iPhone backgrounds like I change my clothes.  On a virtual shopping trip in the App store, I found Cuptakes and Cuptakes Frames which provide a wide variety of backgrounds and lock screen designs.

Both are free and both apps compliment each other.  Cuptakes Frames is especially cool because it allows you to insert an photo from your camera reel or albums and place into a frame in one of their cool designs.  

The folks at Cuptakes come out with new designs each month since some of them reflect holidays, seasons and include calendars.  

Here's a screen shot of my summer background for July and my little lemonade stand employees on my lock screen ;)

Not sure if they are coming out with them for Android platform, but if you've got an iPhone, enjoy!